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Aruba Through My iPhone

We just returned from a relaxing vacation in Aruba!!! There’s nothing better than the combination of sun, ocean, and friendly people for a break from the daily grind. I’ve included some interesting tidbits I’ve learned from our awesome tour guide Ronny at ABC Aruba Tours.  Hope you will get a small taste of the island through these photos taken from my iPhone. Cheers!!!

I spotted an island on the plane =D! Why are the coconuts orange yellow?  Is it because they’re not ripened yet O_o? First breakfast on the island.  Ham, onion, mushroom crepe at the Dutch Pancake House (Pannekoekhuis). Iguana ready to attack! :p Aruba is very arid.  In fact there are no bodies of water on the island, but there are a lot of cacti! Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins (try to say that three times fast).  The mill was built to look like a fort from the outside to deter the pirates. Unlike the southeast side with lots of nice beaches, Aruba’s northwest coast is very rocky. These giant windmills produce about 20% of the island’s electricity.  The government is planning to build 10 more of these.  Go solar power rawrrr! Compared to the American slogan (America runs on Dunkin) I think they can do better.  Maybe Aruba runs on island time even when drinking DK coffee :p. Palm tree leaves teared up by the trade winds =]. I told ya there are a lot of cacti =D!!!

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