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Garret Mountain Proposal & Brooklyn Botanical Garden Engagement Session Photos | Cynthia + Jorge | NJ & NY Wedding Photographer

The forecast calls for rain and lots of it.  Jorge was determined to propose to Cynthia despite the down pour, and have enlisted the help of his friends for his plans A, B, and C =].  He even went to buy a giant tent and on the morning of the shoot, a green polo to match Cynthia’s gorgeous green dress.

Here’s a play by play of what went down on the cliff of Garret Mountain.
*Jorge gets down on one knee*
Cynthia: “What are you doing? The ground is wet!”
Jorge: “Will you marry me?” *pulls out the ring*
Cynthia: “What is this? WHAT IS THISSS!!!???”
*I run over and start taking close up photos of the two love birds*
Jorge *still on his knee* “I’m still waiting for an answer…”
Cynthia: “YES!  Yes of course!!!” *looks over at me* “It’s so weird because Yanshu’s here…”

Afterwards we drove to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for their engagement shoot while laughing over the various congratulatory messages ranging from “welcome to the club” and “guess now we don’t have to pitch a tent huh?” =D  Cynthia and Jorge, congratulations again!  I’m so honored to have witnessed and documented the beautiful and well planned proposal!  I guess we’ll have to put that tent to use when we go camping eh =]?

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