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Hi there! My name is Yanshu Liu. Thanks for stopping by!

I am a traveler (check out me and my boyfriend’s YouTube travel channel here), foodie, swimmer, snowboarder (wanna-be, still trying to learn how to carve, haha), and a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Northern NJ.   Besides lounging and watching TV in my PJ’s with a tub of ice cream in hand, I’m the most comfortable and in my element capturing the special yet fleeting moments unfolding in front of my lens. Writing long and meaningful paragraphs about myself is not my forte, so here’s a list of random things about me =]!

-  I love, love, love swimming and the ocean. Learning how to surf and scuba dive (done! I’m now certified ^_^v) are definitely high on my bucket list
-  oh and I want to swim with these animals (in no particular order): whale shark, stingless jelly fish, manta rays, dolphins (done), and manatees
-  I enjoy the smell of chlorine, not in the I-want-to-douse-myself-in-it kind of way, but the scent comforts me ^_^
-  I speak Mandarin Chinese and also a Chinese dialect called Kunmingnese
-  I use wayyy too many smiley faces, and normally have to revise my email and delete some in fear of sounding like I’m still in highschool :p
-  I’ve been called Yoshi once…  Do I look like a green dinosaur to you O_o?  My name is pronounced “Yan” as in YANkees and “Shu” similar to the word shoe =D.  Oh and it means female scholar in Chinese.
-  I was an extra on the HBO show Sopranos, they actually came to my highschool to film!
-  My guilty pleasure is reality TV shows *fist pump*
-  I once owned a slow loris as a pet when I was living in China
-  I cried during an episode of Pokemons
-  I love spicy food
-  Even with the help of my two friends, we could not demolish the giant bowl of noodles in the above photo (3rd photo on the bottom row)
-  When I pick out a restaurant on yelp, there’s a high chance of it being closed when we get there >_<
-  Someone once searched for “develop a meaningful paragraph of all monkeys stories” and landed on my site @_@!
- I usually root for the underdogs
-  Best compliment I ever received from a client?  The groom described the bride wanting to book me as a girl that really wants to date a hot guy lol!  I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for being compared to a guy.  Thanks Joseline and Will!  You guys really made me crack up with that one ^_^.
- This is not so random, but I just want to shout at the top of my lungs that I feel so, SOOO blessed to be doing what I do!!!!!  I LOVE my clients and I’m so grateful to get a glimpse of the special moments in their lives, and be able to capture them with my camera!

My works have been featured on Style Me Pretty, MashableMoment Junkie, Artfully Wed, Weather.com, BuzzFeed Wedding, and A City Wedding.

I’d love to create some awesome images with you!  Please contact me for more info =D!

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