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Times Square Proposal | Siomara + Guillermo | NYC Wedding Photographer

Times Square is definitely one of the busiest places in the hustling bustling New York City. So when Guillermo told me that he’s planning to propose to his girlfriend of 9 years, Siomara (Cee Cee) at the heart of Times Square, I was very curious on how it’ll turn out. This proposal was carefully planned out. Guillermo created a facebook group for their loved ones so that everyone will be on the same page when it comes to this surprise. On that day, when her friends led Cee Cee to Times Square, what greeted her first was her niece playing All of Me by John Legend on her guitar. Cee Cee was initially confused as to why her niece “happens to be there,” but as her sister appeared, she had an inkling of what’s happening. Her beautiful sister handed her a rose, and whisked her away arm in arm to show her a sign held up by Guillermo’s sister that said “In a few seconds, I’m going to show you how much I love you.” By this time, Cee Cee, with tears streaming down her face, was led by her sister to where Guillermo was standing. It’s crazy how in the midst of all the crowds, this lovely couple’s family and friends were able to form a semi-circle with Guillermo in the center holding a rose. Guillermo gave Cee Cee his rose, and kneeled on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. Of course, she said tears in midst of all the tears! And as they were hugging each other, Cee Cee told him that she can’t kiss him because of her lipstick. Someone in the crowd shouted “Forget the lipstick! you got Sephora at the corner! (only in New York)” Their family and friends congratulated them with hugs and kisses, and they each brought a rose to give to Cee Cee so that she’ll have a gorgeous rose bouquet (what a clever idea). In the end, it was so wonderful to see that weeks of planning turned into a magical proposal. Thank you so much Cee Cee and Guillermo for having me there to document this beautiful occasion, and thank you to my fiance for his assistance with the lighting. Stay tuned for their engagement photos at Prospect Park =]!

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