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Yanshu’s Manhattan Penthouse Masquerade Birthday Party | MiMA Building, New York, NY

Growing up, I’ve had my name mis-written (proof here) and mispronounced countless times.  When I first joined facebook, I googled for unfortunate people with the same name as me, and found the only other Yanshu at the time.  Of course I added her as a friend, and thanks to facebook, I still have a record of our first conversation:

Me:  hello  I don’t know you, but I thought it was sooo cool that we both have the same first names, so I hope you don’t mind me adding you as a buddy ^^;;
other Yanshu:  hi!  wow, i’ve never met anyone with my first name before…thats awesome…how do you pronounce yours?:)
Me:  hehe, my is pronounced Yan4 (falling tone) Shu1(flat tone). What about yours:D?
other Yanshu:  mine’s pronounced the same! thats really amazing…:)

Little did I know, that years later Yanshu would contact me to photograph her amazing masquerade birthday party at the MiMA Building.  I can tell that she put in a lot of time into crafting the perfect celebration for her friends.  All the details were planned to perfection from the elaborate masks, delicious dinner, to the after party at the penthouse complete with a magician =].  Yanshu was super kind, and gave me the freedom to photograph her party however I want =].  Meeting her in person further confirms my belief that the name Yanshu, brings awesomeness, haha ^_-.

Caterer:  Amoraco
Magician:  Magic of Marco

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